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Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy now available at Hope Regional Cancer Center

For Immediate Release – 9/21/20 

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HOPE REGIONAL CANCER CENTER has announced that SBRT radiation lung cancer treatment is now available at their facility in Lynn Haven, FL.

SBRT – also known as Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy, is a welcome addition to the wide variety of cancer treatments in place at Hope Regional Cancer Center.  Known, for the pinpoint accuracy that this treatment delivers, SBRT sends higher doses of radiation to the tumor and over fewer sessions than traditional radiation therapy.  It is particularly effective against small, well-defined tumors in inoperable or risky locations for surgery and is particularly beneficial in targeting certain types of lung cancer.

“We are pleased to be able to offer SBRT to the patients of ours that can benefit from it” says Hasan Murshed, MD, Radiation Oncologist and Founder of Hope Regional Cancer Center.  “It’s a treatment program that is typically delivered in one to five sessions.  That compares to five to eight weeks with standard EBRT treatment.”

hope regional cancer center varian ix accelerator
Varian iX Sil Linear Accelerator

The benefits for candidates for SBRT in addition to fewer sessions is that higher doses of radiation can be delivered to a very specific area of the cancer tumor while the adjacent healthy cells remain untouched.

The treatment process for SBRT starts with imaging from a CT, MRI or PET/CT scan.  This will show the team the exact location, size, and shape of the tumor.  A 3D or IMRT treatment plan is developed that establishes the positioning of multiple radiation beams at various desired dosage levels directly at the tumor.  The patients’ body is carefully supported and immobilized.  During the treatment the procedure is quiet and the patient feels no pain.

A doctor may prescribe SBRT for the patient that presents Early Stage Lung Cancer, Lung Cancer Returned, or Multiple Primary Lung Cancer.  SBRT has proven to be a very effective treatment for those patients that are good candidates for this type of treatment.