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Hope Regional Cancer Center is Proud to Announce the Availability of a State-Of-The-Art PET/CT Scanner For Our Patients

National Accreditation for PET/CT Scanner – We are proud to announce the arrival of our GE 16 slice PET/CT scanner. Our PET/CT scanner is accredited by the national accreditation organization American College of Radiology (ACR) mandating diagnostic quality and safety standards. The addition of PET/CT scanner to the Cancer Center will significantly benefit both our patients and patients in Bay County and the surrounding Medical Communities as a non-invasive detection and staging of cancers, neurological conditions and cardiovascular diseases.

With an order from the referring physician Hope Regional Cancer Center will now be able to perform the PET/CT for your patients. You will receive prompt interpretations from the trusted and dedicated team of Board-Certified Radiologists from Bay Radiology. You can also be confident that your patients will receive the best care that they deserve from our dedicated staff at the Cancer Center.

Please call our friendly staff at 850-481-1687 today to schedule your patients PET/CT scanning need.